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Still… imag(in)ing a world without trees

Trees lost from familiar works of art… still one of my most popular blog posts after more than three years. It certainly generated more interest than anything I ever did in my research career! My excuse for re-blogging it is Marina Galperina’s animated GIFs that now give me the chance to revisit these visualisations through their … Continue reading

Where trees and people live

This is a follow on post from an earlier one called “The forest as a lived environment”.   One of my highlights of 2014 was getting my complimentary copy of Bill Liao’s book, “Forests: Reasons to be hopeful“.  As well as offering some advice on the scientific content of a few of the figures, I also … Continue reading

Jambula on the radio in Malawi

In February I was lucky enough to attend a Jambula Artist workshop in Dedza, Malawi organised by Alice Ladenburg, Myck Fisha and Clifford Mkanthama.  A collection of musicians, artists, other creative types and local NGO reps. Spreading the word about forests can be done in many ways.  I use my lectures and my blogs.  These … Continue reading

Imag(in)ing a world without trees

Below are three famous paintings, but I’ve photoshopped out the trees. You get a point for naming the artist, and two further points if you know the name of the painting. Answers at the bottom. [This project came about as an attempt to visually represent “loss”. It’s one of the themes that I’ve been working … Continue reading

Looking for lidar software engineers…

Originally posted on Carbomap news:
An interesting “taster” advert for Carbomap looking for lidar software developers. Please forward to people you think might be interested, or follow @Carbomap on Twitter. Carbomap news View original post

The 4 Habits of Highly Successful Trees

So you are a young tree with ambitions for success. From my experience of trees, and in particular tree architecture, the evidence  points to four essentials for success — the key qualities that successful trees share. Manage Your Water Flow Your leaves need water. It’s your biological cashflow. If it stops, you are dead. You … Continue reading

From Christmas trees to condoms: festive reasons to be thankful for trees

As this festive season draws to a close and you start bringing down the decorations, take an extra long look at your Christmas tree before you get rid of it…. and spare a thought for how trees help make Christmas. The tradition of decorating a tree in the middle of winter is at least 500 … Continue reading

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