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Jambula on the radio in Malawi

In February I was lucky enough to attend a Jambula Artist workshop in Dedza, Malawi organised by Alice Ladenburg, Myck Fisha and Clifford Mkanthama.  A collection of musicians, artists, other creative types and local NGO reps. Spreading the word about forests can be done in many ways.  I use my lectures and my blogs.  These … Continue reading

From Christmas trees to condoms: festive reasons to be thankful for trees

As this festive season draws to a close and you start bringing down the decorations, take an extra long look at your Christmas tree before you get rid of it…. and spare a thought for how trees help make Christmas. The tradition of decorating a tree in the middle of winter is at least 500 … Continue reading

A business coach in Africa?

There is one element to the capacity building in the REDD Horizon that we believe is truly unique — we use a “business coach” to build soft skills alongside the technical skills. It’s not an obvious element to include when looking to support sustainable forest management, but we consider it vital to long-term capacity building. … Continue reading

Phones in the forests

Imagine this: A rural village on the outskirts of Mkuwazi forest reserve in Northern Malawi. A woman, stops, takes out a smart phone, starts up an app, takes a picture of a tree, then walks on and continues her business. A short while later she takes another photo, then another. Each time she uses the … Continue reading

Forests or food?

On the outskirts of a forest reserve in northern Malawi, local rural communities cut down trees. They know trees are important. They know that its probably a bad thing to cut down the trees.  But the trees appear abundant and the wood is important — for cooking, for warmth, or to sell to others to … Continue reading

What price, creativity?

I recently asked the artist Alice Ladenburg to join the REDD Horizon project in Malawi. An artist? you ask. What is the point of an artist in a project that is looking at building capacity in forest monitoring in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world? It is easy to dismiss “art” as … Continue reading


– Jambula, verb, the Chichewa word meaning to record on film or cassette [1]. Do I have the right to capture your image on film? In the UK, in a public place I have the right to take the photograph, but I don’t necessarily have the right to publish the image.  I can’t use it to promote … Continue reading

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