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Free Remote Sensing e-Books – 7 April 2017

For the benefit of a training programme I’m involved with in Zambia, and for my upcoming MSc class on Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing, I am making my two remote sensing ebooks free on Amazon on Friday 7th April.  Note that these are Amazon Kindle books, and you therefore need to download the (free) Kindle … Continue reading

Still… imag(in)ing a world without trees

Trees lost from familiar works of art… still one of my most popular blog posts after more than three years. It certainly generated more interest than anything I ever did in my research career! My excuse for re-blogging it is Marina Galperina’s animated GIFs that now give me the chance to revisit these visualisations through their … Continue reading

Edinburgh’s Ecosystem Ecosystem

It is said that “innovation ecosystems” allow for the full exploitation of the positive sum relationships (symbiosis) between actors who work together around a core sector.   In Edinburgh we have such an ecosystem centred around “forest ecosystems” and it is one of the reasons why I love working in Edinburgh. I reckon Edinburgh hosts the … Continue reading

Spock: Science *and* adventure

To mark the sad passing of Leonard Nimoy today, I publish a short essay I wrote 20 years ago as a PhD student:   When I was seven years old, a popular playtime game was play-acting Star Trek and it will come as no surprise to many of my current friends that I always played … Continue reading

Where trees and people live

This is a follow on post from an earlier one called “The forest as a lived environment”.   One of my highlights of 2014 was getting my complimentary copy of Bill Liao’s book, “Forests: Reasons to be hopeful“.  As well as offering some advice on the scientific content of a few of the figures, I also … Continue reading

The Snakes and Ladders of Ecosystem Services

The trend towards applying economic value to forest ecosystems is contentious. While the valuing of the processes of nature (“ecosystem services”) or valuing of their stock value (“natural capital”) is potentially advantageous in helping to tackle challenges of nature’s conservation and protection, it is not unambiguously beneficial. I therefore wanted to find a way to … Continue reading

Listen to Jeff Goldblum, not Matt Ridley

Did you read Matt Ridley’s piece in the Wall Street Journal last month?    He was making a very compelling argument that the “World’s Resources Aren’t Running out”.   I have to admit that when I started reading it, I got a little seduced by his optimism. For a while, I was hooked.  I bought … Continue reading

Free forest mapping graphics

Originally posted on Carbomap news:
Here are some free graphics provided under a creative commons licence.  You are free to use and share, with attribution.  We hope you find them useful for teaching or illustrating some of the features of airborne forest mapping, and aim to add some more soon. Subscribe to the blog, follow…

Ecosystem services explained in 90 secs

Having discovered Powtoon, I’ve now made another one. This time, with my elder son’s voice over, we’ve made a little introduction to the concept of natural capital and ecosystem services.   You might argue that the “payment” bit is a bit presumptuous, but I wanted to at least raise the question of who has responsibility … Continue reading

Micro-video on my remote sensing eBook

Discovered a new online tool yesterday for building little video infomercials, and presentations.  It’s called Powtoon.  Good fun.  I practiced by making the following advert or my recent remote sensing eBook.

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