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Still… imag(in)ing a world without trees

Trees lost from familiar works of art… still one of my most popular blog posts after more than three years. It certainly generated more interest than anything I ever did in my research career! My excuse for re-blogging it is Marina Galperina’s animated GIFs that now give me the chance to revisit these visualisations through their … Continue reading

Ceci n’est pas un arbre

To abstract the real world –  to “move away from the concrete world and move towards ideas and concepts” (Khan Academy lecture of “Abstract”) – is a skill shared by both artists and scientist. It is neatly illustrated in the process of abstracting trees for modelling satellite observations. In the science of remote sensing of forests we … Continue reading

“Artists invent peculiar way of saving trees”

A great new video from Malawi and some good coverage in the Daily Times newspaper: “Artists invent peculiar way of saving trees“. The PATANI (Plant a tree and name it) project was under the REDD Horizon banner, but was entirely the result of the hard work and initiative of Myck Fisha and Clifford Mkanthama following the … Continue reading

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