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DR IAIN WOODHOUSEAt a distance of nearly 800km (that’s Edinburgh to Amsterdam) directly upwards are state-of-the-art billion-dollar satellites that gaze down at the physical environment on Earth’s surface. The pinnacle of precision-engineering, manufactured in the developed world.

On a farm in Malawi, trees grow that provides a family fruit to eat, shade from the sun, fuel to cook and keep warm, and it helps to keep the soil fertile. A few trees, maybe only 8m high, are a fundamental component of the livelihood and wellbeing of a rural family.

In the Forest Planet blog, these two world’s meet.

I am a scientist, entrepreneur and citizen of Planet Earth who believes that space technology has the capacity to improve the lives of everyone on the planet. I am a Professor of Applied Earth Observation at the School of GeoSciences in the University of Edinburgh where I help to build the capacity of future geographers, geoscientists and GIS specialists. I am the founder of REDD Horizon, a capacity development programme in Malawi. In 2008 I was a co-founder of Ecometrica (a land use and carbon accounting company) and in 2011 I co-founded Carbomap (a forest survey company spun out of the university at the start of 2013).

I have also self-published via Speckled Press the following eBooks (Kindle links below but also available in iBook store):




2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Iain,
    I would appreciate getting access to your book: “13 short chapters on RS”, but it is available only for Apple users. Is there no any other way?

    Best regards,

    Zoltán Vekerdy
    ITC, Univ. of Twente

    Posted by Zoltán Vekerdy | September 7, 2014, 2:41 pm

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