Edinburgh’s Ecosystem Ecosystem

It is said that “innovation ecosystems” allow for the full exploitation of the positive sum relationships (symbiosis) between actors who work together around a core sector.   In Edinburgh we have such an ecosystem centred around “forest ecosystems” and it is one of the reasons why I love working in Edinburgh.

I reckon Edinburgh hosts the highest concentration of activity in forest ecosystem sector anywhere in the World (happy to be corrected), with 2 universities, 4 government centres, 4 NGOs and 5 private companies involved with managing, mapping, financing, conserving and understanding forest ecosystems (listed below). All within a radius of <10miles.  It is what I like to call, Edinburgh’s Ecosystem Ecosystem.   The panorama image makes the point better than my words can.

You can find a weekly summary of tweets from people and organisations in this “ecosystem ecosystem” Paper.Li.

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The panorama photo is by Charlie McRae http://charliemcrae.com/ with permission.

Edinburgh's vibrant ecosystem.
Edinburgh’s vibrant ecosystem.


Government Centres


Private companies:


  1. Reblogged this on CHRIS FREMANTLE and commented:
    Thanks to Forest Planet for this fascinating overview of Edinburgh’s Forest institutions. We’d map onto that the various forest related exhibitions that the Collins and Goto Studio have done in the Tent Space at ECA as well as the Sylva Caledonia exhibition involving Collins and Goto Studio, Gerry Loose, Morven Gregor and ecoartscotland at Summerhall Spring 2015. I’m sure there are many other research-led art interventions that could be mapped onto this landscape

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