How high is an Earth observing satellite? (infographic)

I just created this infographic to help my students get a handle on the scales involved when dealing with Earth observation satellites, as well as linking this to the structure of the atmosphere. It’s different from the usual structure of the atmosphere diagrams as it’s focused on Earth observation, and since it is a scalable vector graphic, you can zoom right in to some items that are to scale (the tallest tree, the space shuttle and the ISS, for instance, are shown on the same scale).

I hope you like it. Please share and let me know any suggestions on how to improve it.

A medium resolution image is available by clicking on the thumbnail on the right, but it is best viewed as the SVG file since you can pan (click and drag) and zoom (mouse roller) to get down the the tiny details.

Link to PAN & ZOOM SVG file.



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