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“Artists invent peculiar way of saving trees”

A great new video from Malawi and some good coverage in the Daily Times newspaper: “Artists invent peculiar way of saving trees“.

The PATANI (Plant a tree and name it) project was under the REDD Horizon banner, but was entirely the result of the hard work and initiative of Myck Fisha and Clifford Mkanthama following the community artist workshop organised by Alice Ladenburg last year.  As the video below shows, they have been actively planting >3,000 trees this year already.

Patani – Plant a tree and name it

Please “like” the video and “share” it.

See the initial workshop blog.

REDD Horizon is supported by the Waterloo Foundation.

Patani in action. Young Malawians planting young saplings and given them a name. The project has planted and named 1,039 trees so far. (Photos courtesy of Myck Fisha)

Marking planted trees. (Photos courtesy of Myck Fisha)



3 thoughts on ““Artists invent peculiar way of saving trees”

  1. I am visiting this blog for the first time Ian. Very nice and educative. More stories needed. I send you some shortly. Regards

    Posted by Clifford Mkanthama | June 10, 2012, 3:25 pm
  2. great story patani great concept greetings from the wild wood en provence http://aucoustier.blogspot.fr/

    Posted by paul stapleton | December 11, 2013, 3:37 pm


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