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From Christmas trees to condoms: festive reasons to be thankful for trees

As this festive season draws to a close and you start bringing down the decorations, take an extra long look at your Christmas tree before you get rid of it…. and spare a thought for how trees help make Christmas.

The tradition of decorating a tree in the middle of winter is at least 500 years old – it’s probably much older than that and although there is disagreement of its origin, it’s very likely to be rooted in the pagan Yule Log (or Yule Tree) tradition. But that’s not the only festive contribution from trees. Holly and mistletoe obviously come from trees (and are also from pagan traditions), but so do all those things made from paper: Christmas decorations, cards, wrapping paper, crackers and party hats. (And because they are made of paper, remember to recycle them!)

Ignore the silly smile and bright shirt (I was on the way to the beach in Malawi) — the thing to notice is the small vessel collecting rubber sap.

And talking of wood, don’t forget about condoms. Whether it’s a cosy “cuddle” in front of the log fire (using logs from a sustainable supply, of course) or a festive-punch-induced encounter in the stationary cupboard at the office Christmas party, you may well have use a condom this Christmas season. Most condoms are made from natural latex rubber –  they are made from the sap of trees.  So, one more reason to be thankful for trees at Christmas time…

… and if you can think of anything else, please add it below.



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